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Monthly Magical Connections

Goddess Gatherings

"Magical Badassery" come together in one unique and enchanting evening of ancient wisdom, historic warriors and cosmic queens. These Gatherings embark on a journey to invoke the energies of a different Goddess each month for messages of guidance, insight, healing and abundance. Learn from these magnificent entities who wish to assist us in our knowledge and knowing to make a better life of the one we are currently living.

Hostesses, Mayume and Manjeet, will guide the group of 10 in rituals, meditation and learnings of an honored Goddess Energy while being a conduit of messages for each individual who desires one.


  • Welcome ritual - smudge-ing, light a candle and words of compassion, sisterhood and openness

  • Introductions with Intention 

  • Mayume and Manjeet introduce the honored Goddess and how to connect with her which could include: gems, foods, clothing and rituals

  • Mayume and Manjeet begin a Goddess Invocation meditation and channel

  • messages from her to participants!

  • Aha moments of Healing messages and sharing - what was her gift?

  • Closing ritual


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LIVE AND IN PERSON! Honoring Goddess of Rebirth, Isis. Mayume and Manjeet will channel this Goddess Entity and provide messages for the group. Food, Beverages, Music, Meditations, Rituals, Door Prizes and Raffles are also included in this amazing magical evening. Holding space for 20 women! Get your seat now.


About our Goddess: The process of soul retrieval, resurrection and rebirth is the theme recurrent thorugh the stories of the Egyptian Goddess, Isis and one that she invites you to address now. This is a powerful moment to see some of what you thought you'd lost go through a process of regeneration to live again! Like magic, the pieces of you that were considered lost in old wounds and stories are ready to be reclaimed in a healtherier, more matrure version. You are ready to face these parts of yorself and to gather them together as yo ustepinto a newer, more powerful version of yourself, your work, your relationships and your creativity. Isis with her power of reincarnation, has a message for you: you are not broken. You are not wounded beyond healing and opportunities are not necessary lost forever. You wil be amazed at how beautifully things come together when you reject the trap created by the stories you tell yourself. 


Friday, Mar 18

6:30-9:30pm PTZ

The Woodmark Hotel: Bayshore Room

Kirkland, WA 98033




About your hosts: Mayume and Manjeet

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"You guys rock! You both work well together. I love how passionate you are about the topics you are teaching."


"...Knowledgeable instructors who bring Sisterhood to everyone and more..."


Mayume Carelli and Manjeet Russell are Intuitive Women, Lightworkers and most importantly, Friends... they co-host their super fun (and sometimes crazy) Podcast and Social Show: LIGHTWORKERS UNITE on, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms. Their show inspires, invokes and provides a super fun, and informational platform for stories, insight and tools on everything Spirituality, Mystical and Magical. Most importantly, they are here to help you, as we are all Lightworkers, to use your spirit guides and own intuition to live your best life.


Manjeet Russell is an Intuitive Certified Life Coach and Ascension Alchemy Method Akashic Records Reader. Her mission is to help busy women embrace a life of clarity, balance and purpose and move out of survival-mode and powerfully into "thrivial-mode." To learn more about Manjeet and what she offers please go to her website:

Mayume Carelli is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Healer and Creativity Guide. She gathers women in super fun, safe and sacred spaces to ignite creativity and connections with Spirit to deliver messages of healing, guidance and love. To learn more about Mayume and what she offers please go to her website:


Lightworkers Unite

Instagram: @mayumenmanjeet

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