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Mayume is a Journaling Junkie...

Writing is something Mayume is super passionate about! In her Jam Sessions, you will learn how journaling can bring about healing and guidance from within...Putting pen to paper is a beautiful and mystical way to connect to your higher self.
In these Gatherings, Mayume creates a safe and supportive space to unblock, unleash and explore using different journaling prompts while connecting with Spirit. Each Session starts with an invocation followed by a fun and casual writing exercise to kickstart the intuitive senses.
Topics Covered: Raising your Vibration, Manifesting, Gratitude, Forgiveness, as well as an introduction to automatic writing - where we invite our loved ones to answer our questions or simply leave us a message. See what others have said about Mayume's Journaling Jam Sessions and be sure to check when the next one is open for Registration!
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