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Intuitive Spiritual Medium

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Gathering people in social, sacred spaces igniting creativity and connections with your angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones...

"...These were several specific details no one knew but me. Mayume is definitely the "real deal" and has a beautiful gift to share. I've had many readings with well known psychics and mediums, but Mayume was honestly, the best I've ever experienced..."

Patrice D.

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Listen to the latest episode here! We have hit 100 shows and over 15K downloads! Covering enlightening topics surrounding Spirituality and living life as a Lightworker!
With my Co-host, friend and Intuitive Life Coach, Manjeet

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Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Healer and Creativity Guide, Mayume Carelli guides people in super fun, sacred, social gatherings igniting creativity, healing and connections with Spirit. Through her Meditation Meet-ups, Group Readings, Journaling Jam Sessions, and Sacred Circles she teaches you how to better connect with your higher self and find purpose, power and peace. All her Gatherings are safe, supportive and sacred, bringing connections to a whole new level.


Mayume offers Individual and Group Readings to connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones who have crossed over for messages of healing, guidance and love. Mayume only works with Love, Light and positive energy and with the utmost of integrity.  

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Mayume provides one-on-one private readings to connect to your angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones for messages of healing, guidance, comfort and love.
These are magical gatherings in which Mayume comes to your private home and provides readings to a group of 2-15 participants. These are usually in a comfy-cozy atmosphere with candles, blankets, wine (optional). 
Mayume hosts these in both your private home or a public space in which she guides the group in super fun creativity while delivering messages from your angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones.
Two Pens on Notebook
Join Mayume's Meditation Meetups in which all meditations are Spirit-lead. They are held throughout the seasons and ranges on different weekday mornings and times. Participants receive links to all the recorded meditations forever.
20 mins.
These Circles are near and dear to Mayume's heart. She guides a monthly casual gathering of women to meet, connect and discuss different and fun topics with learning and laughter.
Bras Optional.
Mayume is a writer and journaling junkie who loves to guide these fun workshops both virtually and in person on how to invite journaling into your life. Automatic Writing, Forgiveness Fire Ceremony and Manifestation.

Mayume's 100+ Meditations

Mayume guides meditation meetups in Spirit-lead (channeling) meditations. Join the group and/or listen to her on SoundCloud

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