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Sacred Circles with Mayume

Join Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Healer, Mayume, as she guides women in her Sacred Circles bringing together intuitive women who share gifts, knowledge, experiences and inspirational stories. A Sacred Space for women to step into their power with validation and grace while connecting with Spirit and one another. Each Circle will have different topics and themes and/or a special guest. Find the one (or join all) that calls to you.

All monthly Circles are on Zoom.


Mayume always creates a safe, sacred space for all and encourages confidentiality, compassion and connection as we step into the light with Spirit and sisterhood.

Each Circle is $22 or become a Sacred Soul Sister for the year and get a 20% discount: $211

Sacred Circles 2022.png

2024 Calendar

Jan 10: Meet Your Spirit Guides:  Mayume will guide the group in a beautiful meditation in which you will journey and Meet Your Spirit/Life Guides... you may even get a name(s).

Feb 21: Spirit Animal Messages

 In this Circle, Mayume will provide readings through the beautiful Spirit of the Oracle Deck for messages from the Spirit Animal Realm. 

Mar 13: The. Fairy Realm

Mayume will share stories and experiences with this fun spirited topic and guide the group in a meditation and connect to the mystical fairy realm for messages and guidance. Come with an open mind.


Apr 10: Messages from Archangel Michael

In honor of her birthday month, Mayume will share her personal stories and experiences with Archangel Michael as well as bring him in for messages and guidance. Each attendee will receive a direct message...


May 8:  The Enlightened Buddha

Mayume will connect and bring forth the Ascended Master, an enlightened being of light, for messages of guidance and love. 

Jun 12: Mother Gaia

Mayume will guide the group in a deep meditation to connect with our beautiful planet, also known as Mother Gaia, for messages surrounding stability and security. 

July 10: Departed Loved Ones

Mayume will spend this time to bring forward any loved ones for messages of healing, guidance and hope. 


Sep 11: Healing with Archangel Raphael

Mayume will spend this time to bring forward any loved ones for messages of healing, guidance and hope.

Oct 9: Anubis, the Egyptian God

Mayume will share insight and connections to the mysterious and powerful Anubis - the Egyptian God who assists souls to the other side. 

Nov 13: Power of Prayer and Gratitude

Mayume discusses the practice of prayer and meditation to bring in messages of gratitude from Spirit. 

Dec 11: Happy Birthday Jesus

Mayume will invoke the Ascended Master, Jesus, for messages and guidance surrounding forgiveness.

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