Sacred Circles with Mayume

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Join Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Healer, Mayume, as she guides women in her Sacred Circles bringing together intuitive women who share gifts, knowledge, experiences and inspirational stories. A Sacred Space for women to step into their power with validation and grace while connecting with Spirit and one another. Each Circle will have different topics and themes and/or a special guest. Find the one (or join all) that calls to you.

Mayume's Circles will be in person (total of 6-10 women) or on Zoom, depending on time of year and circumstances)

Each Circle is $22 or become a Sacred Soul Member for the year and get a 20% discount: $211

2022 calendar

Jan 12: Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

Special guest, Carrie Kritzinger joins the group to share her near death experience!

Feb 9: Mediumship

Join the circle to discuss Mediumship, what it is and how you, too, have the tools to connect with your loved ones.

Mar 9: Body Healing with Archangel Raphael

Mayume connects with Archangel Raphael to help bring healing to our physical and spiritual bodies.


Apr 6: Positive Affirmations and Mantras with Louise Hay

Mayume offers an hour of positive affirmations and mantras from late Spiritual Leader, Louise Hay, to manifest your best life.

May 11: Connecting with Nature and Animals with Archangel Ariel

Join Mayume as she invites and brings forth Archangel Ariel to share in the knowledge and powers of the earth and its inhabitants.

Jun 15: Decluttering and Clearing Spaces with Archangel Jophiel

What is your clutter trying to tell you? Join us in the discussion of decluttering and energetically clearing space with Archangel Jophiel.

July 20: Your Life in Color

Join Mayume as she discusses the Book: Your Life in Color: Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Color, by Dougall Fraser.

Aug 24: Muscle Testing: Getting Answers from Your Body

Mayume will share the ins and outs of muscle testing: what it is, how to do it and the many different techniques of how to get answers from your body.

Sep 14: The Tapping Solution: A Proven Technique for Healing

Join Mayume as she introduces to the group "The Tapping Solution," a holistic healing technique that has been proven to resolve a range of issues.

Oct 19: Halloween Fun: What is a Seance?

Join Mayume in this fun October Circle as she discusses the mysterious and ghoulish history behind seances (Say-Awnces) and how and why they work.

Nov 16: Grief and Gratitude: Messages from Spirit

Mayume guides the group in stories of grief and loss during the month of Gratitude. She also delivers messages from Spirit for those who need it most.

Dec 14: The Gift of Giggles: How Laughter Heals

Mayume showcases that good humor and a lot of laughter can bring much healing for any soul who might be suffering.