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Rates and Info


Mayume offers Phone and Zoom Readings which allow her to reach more people all around the world. These are very powerful and full of guidance, comfort and love. Must be 18 years and older.


GROUP READINGS - In person or over Zoom:

These are great with family members or friends who would like to experience a Group Reading over Zoom... whether all together in one room, or on separate devices. Still very powerful.

$99 per person (3-15 ppl) Groups of 4 or more Host is free. 

*SOUL SESSIONS with Mayume:

Work one-on-one with Mayume for 4 weeks. These are a deeper dive into your soul journey for guidance and healing. Depending on your needs, Mayume works with you and your higher self with 4 consecutive hourly sessions which may include: Energetic Cord Cutting, Past Life Regressions, Deep Meditations and Journeying, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Sound Bath Healing, Tarot/Oracle Cards, Spirit Journaling and more. 



*Must have had at least 1 Reading with Mayume prior to moving into Soul Sessions work and discussed with her in advance.

Contact Mayume for more info. Pricing plans avail.

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